About the LESA Library

What is the LESA Library?

The LESA Library contains educational content designed to support Alberta articling students, lawyers, and their staff.

What does the LESA Library currently include?

This LESA Library contains digital content from LESA’s Practice Manuals, Fundamentals publications, and seminar papers.

How do I gain access to the LESA Library?

The LESA Library is available on a subscription basis. Contact LESA for details.

How do I search in the LESA Library?

The quickest way to find information is to look it up directly in the search bar near the top right of the screen. Clicking Go (or pressing Enter) will take you to the page, if it exists; clicking Search will search for relevant articles on the LESA Library.

Do you need help navigating the LESA Library? Watch this video for more information.

How does this online resource differ from my print publications?

This online resource incorporates the content from various LESA publications including Practice Manuals and the Alberta Law Fundamentals Series. While this content provides the foundation of this resource, over time the text will be updated and expanded by the online community of registered users.

How can I best use this resource?

The LESA Library is designed as a research starting point and is not a substitute for professional judgment and independent verification. Make sure to check the cases, statutes, and other references. Consult the article’s discussion page and revision history to see if there are outstanding disputes over the contents of an article.

How do I change my password or other information?

Clicking on the “Preferences” link near the top right of the screen allows you to change your password, as well as other types of settings.